Nvidia Unveils New Tools For Metaverse

At SIGGRAPH, the world’s largest gathering of computer graphics experts, NVIDIA announced significant updates for creators and developers using NVIDIA Omniverse, a real-time 3D design collaboration and world simulation platform.

The next wave of Omniverse worlds is moving to the cloud — and new features for Omniverse Kit, Nucleus, and the Audio2Face and Machinima apps allow users to better build physically accurate digital twins and realistic avatars, and redefine how virtual worlds are created and experienced.

Individuals and organizations across industries can substantially accelerate complex 3D graphics workflows with Omniverse. Whether an engineer, researcher, animator or designer, Omniverse users around the world have created vast virtual worlds and realistic simulations using the platform’s core rendering, physics and AI technologies.

The Omniverse community portals into the platform using NVIDIA RTX-enabled Studio laptops, workstations and OVX servers — and with the shift of Omniverse to the cloud, users can work virtually using non-RTX systems like Macs and Chromebooks.

Plus, NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) launched today — along with new Omniverse Connectors and applications — enabling users to easily build and customize virtual assistants and digital humans.

NVIDIA Unveils Powerful AI, Simulation and Creative Tools

Nvidia unveils new tools for metaverse push

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