Stolen Life

Stolen Life (2007) Directed by Jackie Turnure/Peter Rasmussen. Stolen life was the first Australian feature-length machinima film, and it starred Claudia Black and Chris Jones.

“STOLEN LIFE is a script written in the tradition of film noir, with PI in the leading role as the detective, and KIERU, in the supporting role as the femme fatale. Of course the twist here is that both characters are robots, and the film is not set on 20th century planet earth, but instead is played out on a far flung asteroid, some time in the future.

Ultimately what Machinima allows Peter and I to do is to make an animated feature film based on a compelling story, with strong characters who engage, entertain and move us, for a very low budget. In terms of professional benefits, STOLEN LIFE pushes us into an exciting new medium that hones our existing skills and challenges us to discover and develop new ones. I am very excited about working on STOLEN LIFE and see it as a quantum leap in my work as an animation director.” Jacqueline Turnure.

Peter Kokholm Rasmussen (1956–2008) was an Australian screenplay writer and a leader in machinima production and development. Stolen Life won Best Picture, Best Visual Design, and Best Direction at the 2007 European Machinima Festival, as well as other international awards. Rasmussen is credited as producer and writer for the film. After his death in 2008 the Sydney Film Festival launched the Peter Rasmussen Innovation Award in recognition of his ground-breaking work.

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