Welcome to Machinima Universe!

(Important Notice:  This site will close on Tuesday 11th July 2023.)

When I first became involved with Machinima nearly 20 years ago I scoured the Machinima.com forums, and as many gaming forums as I could find, for tutorials on how to get started with film-making. Such tutorials were priceless for the beginner. In that spirit I would like to develop this site into a resource where the beginner can easily find the information they need.

For most of my life I have always enjoyed finding out “how stuff works” and still spend a fair proportion of my time doing just that. So this project is a natural thing for me and could potentially keep me happily employed for many years to come. But it would be a much better resource if as many people as possible, with their different skills and expertise, also contributed.  So if you think you might be such a person, please do not hesitate. What is obvious to you today is actually beyond the reach of most people, and you have the power to put it within their reach.

Recently I re-discovered a large collection of Machinima movies saved onto DVDs whilst running the “Machinima Premiere” website, 2004-2008.  So I’ve uploaded them to the Internet Archive for others to enjoy – Machinima Archive

If you would like to keep up with some of the latest events in the Machinima world I would highly recommend the Completely Machinima  podcast and blog.

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